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Our collections


Evoking a wild and organic feel, while maintaining a sensual and feminine air, the Venus collection is a world of its own.


Between work of art and everyday object, Venus will make your dining experiences out of the ordinary.

Delicate, poetic and modern, this collection is the result of long-term creative work.

To make the sparkling frost of dawn dance, we played with fire.

Although appearing to be free-form, each piece of Venus is uniform in shape, keeping these artistic objects practical. 

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Deep colors designed to enhance the light, CERES will immerse you in a radiant universe where light and matter play in daring and original associations that will not leave you unmoved.


CERES is available in 4 colors to enhance your culinary creations and create unforgettable experiences:

  • Indigo blue and its captivating depth

  • Aquamarine and its luminous and dreamlike universe

  • White powder and its disconcerting impression of lightness

  • Gray and its captivating feeling of tranquility


All you need to present your compositions. This reversible collection will make you play


  • P : like Play

  • O : like Original 

  • E : like Emotions

  • M : like Move

  • S : like Sweet 



'Where shadows meet, magic begins'

This sleek and minimal collection takes us into a graphic and elegant universe. 

Like a black-and-white film, sepia tones, shades of gray, and the use of transparency invite us to rethink light, tastes, and colors. 

"Inspired by heritage and history"


The beak is symbolized by the inclination of the glass which falls "steeply", like the bird, to savor its food. 

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Symbol of the halo of light, ode to joy, we have designed a graceful and radiant collection, close to the sacred. 


The Halo collection will highlight your culinary creations thanks to its gold and copper bubble inlays. 


This collection was created in homage to Apollo, Greek god of the arts, music, poetry and light.


We want to translate through this collection the essential beauty of the sensuality and the brightness of colors. 


The bold shapes and colors of the collection will inspire and guide you, like Apollo's muses, to create your culinary creations.



King of the gods, god of the sky and of lightning, the Zeus collection is in his image.


Opt for Zeus to enhance your creations, opt for lightning, the sky and the creative power.


Azimuth is outcome of research done on time and space, on the static and the dynamic.  

At first view opposed but nevertheless complementary, the static and the dynamic define the imprint that the form gives to space and time.

With Azimuth, we want to create the immobile balance, the middle ground between stasis and dynamism, the immobile balance of the form at the crossroads of time and space.



Between art object and everyday object, the Butterfly collection symbolizes the lightness and vivacity of life. 


The Butterfly collection will give another dimension to your gastronomic creations.


Medusa is a dreamlike world, in its own right, where gravity plays with us.


A feeling of weightlessness guaranteed thanks to the work done on the volumes and the texture of the glass. 


Yellow, blue, red: primary colors, as the paradigms of this new world. 

_MG_0773 (1).JPG


Can-Can or the movement of the dance.


The surprising lightness of the body moving to the rhythm of the music, in a dance of swirling colors.


When the hidden and the open intertwine in a sultry game where form, light and color dance together to create unexpected moments.

plats & buffets

Notre collection de Plats & Buffets ne vous laissera pas de marbre. 

Entre délicatesse et élégance, ces pièces avant-gardistes vous permettront de mettre en valeur vos mets. 

Par ses jeux de lumières et de formes, la collection Plats & Buffets vous transportera dans une atmosphère unique, où le temps est suspendu pour créer des moments inoubliables. 

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